Soccer5s provide the Pathway To Excellence with our exciting program for children of all abilities from age groups U3 – U12

The Juniors at Soccer5s courses are the start of your child’s journey to being the next star

Time Slots

+ 4pm – 5pm – U3 – U8 Year Olds 

+ 5.15pm – 6.15pm – U9 – U12 Year Old

2018 Schedule

Term 1 – 2/2/18 – 23/3/18 (8 Weeks)

Term 2 – 20/4/18 – 22/6/18

Term 3 – 20/7/18 – 21/9/18

Term 4 – 12/10/18 – 14/12/18


Juniors @ Soccer5s runs every Friday of school terms. Payment is upfront until the end of the course. Enrol your child the 10 week program. Late enrolments are more than welcome. The 10 week program costs only $100.00 per course for ages 3-8years and for 9-12years!

This course will provide your child with a great grounding in football, our aim is to improve their basics skills and understanding of the game, which will be a fantastic supplement to their Junior current club football.

A pathway for developing young players to progress down is crucial in ensuring young players have the best chance to consistently improve at their desired pace.