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Last week at Soccer5s we brought in our friends from Global Performance Testing which gives an idea of what Professional Football Players and athletes such as Ronaldo, Messi’s and Neymar’s go through pre, during and post season across the world.
Heading the testing is GPT CEO Graham Dudley and here’s his review of the testing and the data shared with the players and parents;
“It was great to run the Education in Performance Testing with the players of Soccer5s Dandenong last week and the results were awesome too!
As we ran the combines with mixed ages and abilities it is important for the players and parents to put the resulting data into some perspective and I would like to highlight a few points to consider.
  1. The data on the personal reports shows the “Best”, “Average” and “Personal” results but it should be noted that the average and best in this combine had an age range of players born in 2003 and 2011 so very large.  It is important players do not feel upset if they are below average considering such a large age and ability range.
  2. The four test protocols used were all verified and under controlled conditions.  The test included 20m speed, 20m speed ability with ball, weave agility and weave agility with ball.
  3. For development purposes it is essential that players look at the data of themselves with and without a ball as this is a common area of weakness to improve.  An example would be running with the ball.  If the player is very fast without a ball and much slower with a ball (+0.5 second) then focused coaching and training on this would be a great start.
To help the players get a slightly clearer picture on their results by age, I have attached four images that would be useful.  Each shows the average time for players born in years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
soccer-juniors-2004-to-2009-20m-acceleration soccer-juniors-2004-to-2009-20m-soccer-ability soccer-juniors-2004-to-2009-weave-ability soccer-juniors-2004-to-2009-weave-agility
Global Performance Testing is a professional field test laboratory working to GPTQA guidelines to ensure accurate and consistent information.  Each player only had one successful attempt at each drill and was instructed identically by the trained staff using identical measurements and data collection systems.  This is a significant reason why Global Performance Testing are leaders in true and reliable performance data.
If you need any more information, please visit to and for our accreditation.  Each registered player would have now received their secure and personal login via email.
Good luck to all the players at Soccer5s and we look forward to seeing them all again shortly”
Graham Dudley 
CEO Global Performance Testing

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