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I’m delighted to announce that we will have our new partner Global Performance Testing this Friday 2nd December for a Player Testing Day with all RDP & Junior Summer Program players from 5.15pm & 6.30pm coaching groups.

This is an exciting, invaluable educational tool and experience for players on the course to take part in, and gives players an indication of what professional players and athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi & Paul Pogba go through pre, during and post season.

The event has been specifically designed for our program by GPT and myself to ensure appropriate, relevant & fun testing takes place.

  • Speed – 20m acceleration
  • Speed ability – 20m acceleration with ball
  • Agility – Weave
  • Agility ability – Weave with ball
  • Slo-motion Technique & Video Analysis

GTP are accredited field test laboratory therefore provide true and verified results that the player can trust and take forwards in their development as reliable and unbiased.  You can see more on GPTQA here:

All participating players will receive personal secure Athlete Lounge accounts to view results.

Not registered on the program? Email us to find out

See you then!


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