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Soccer5s is delighted to announce the partnership of Soccer5s and Doveton Special Soccer School.

Soccer5s have created a long term partnership with DSSS who will now move to Soccer5s permanently in 2018 and beyond. This gives not only DSSS, but the All Abilities community a huge boost as Soccer5s look to use the state of the art facility to host events year round.


DSSS Director of Coaching Carlos Juan Loyola AOM;

“The new partnership between DSSS- Soccer5s  is very exciting for us to promote existing inclusive participation opportunities by increasing the profile and growing participation numbers and consolidate the existing soccer programs for peoples with disabilities .


Soccer5s will play also important role  for all those peoples with I.D (intellectual disabilities) willing to learn and play soccer. As a partners we will work hard to provide a very special sport service to the community.


Soccer5s facilities will be our home ground from the start of 2018. D.SSS and Soccer5s will be the perfect partnership for success in soccer for peoples with disability.”

The early stages of the partnership came about late last year when Soccer5s teamed up with Carlos & DSSS to host the All Abilities Cup. This saw organisations/teams from across Melbourne and in particular the South East compete across 3 different disability levels with around 100 players taking part. The Soccer5s All Abilities Cup will now become an Annual fixture for years to come!


Soccer5s Centre Manager Jack Gillibrand;
“Aligning with DSSS and bringing them to our centre is very exciting! They have been active for nearly 25 years which is incredible and an absolute testament to amazing work the volunteers, parents and families do.
Although fairly active around Melbourne, the All Abilities community needs to increase awareness of their programs and increase access to engage more players, which is what we hope to provide with access to our facility.
Working alongside DSSS and the local Council, clubs and organisations, we want to create a hub in the South East of Melbourne for new players, existing teams and groups and Schools to get involved in regularly as well as assist in creating a pathway from grassroots through to excellence across all forms of disability. Partnering with DSSS is just the first step.”
As well as having the likes of Pararoo Benny Roche attending and supporting the All Abilities Cup last year, we had great support from the State Government;

Gabrielle Williams MP, State Member of Dandenong;

“I am delighted to see two great local outfits working together for the benefit of our community. DSSS continues to move from strength to strength and this partnership with Soccer5s will provide greater opportunities for local people of all abilities to play soccer in Dandenong and the South East.”

With lots of positive noises being made, and now access to a facility we hope to see lots of new faces, teams and groups come forward to get involved in the All Abilities community.

Here’s whats in store for 2018, reach out to us if you want to get involved!

  • All Abilities 5 or 7-a-side League
  • All Abilities School Gala Day
  • All Abilities Cup 2018


Register As A Player or Enquire

If your child has an intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, CP or has a form of disability but a huge appetite to join a soccer community, please contact;


  • Director of Soccer Mr Juan Carlos Loyola OAM
  • Phone: 0414 393 700 / (03) 9700 7098
  • Email:
  • Website:

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